When the Sky Disappears into the Sea

It never rains in California, unless it does. And when we get weather it's quite the subject. I tell my son, let's drive to the beach to see what rain and wind have done. It's times like these when we stand facing west, and the vast expanse before us is simply gray from top to bottom. Quite majestic and horrible considering we would much rather rub our toes in sand that's just a bit too hot.

January has been quite dramatic. The winds of change have blown hard. Friends, acquaintances and countrymen have been heartfelt, vociferous, and convicted.

It's as if we are all in the water, looking around, trying to predict a big wave that is about to appear, gaining speed on a horizon that we cannot see.

No matter the gray, the winds, or opinions. I want to stand for love. 

Light a candle for love, Candleband. We are all in the water together.